10 Litre Imported Water Heater


AMERICAN MICRONIC - 10 Litre Imported Water Heater, 8 Bar pressure with Glass Lined Steel tank- AMI-WHP-10LDx- 100% Imported. This model is for Vertical Installation.


Rs. 9,750

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Key Features

10 Litres with 2mm Ultra-thick inner steel tank to handle 8 bars pressure with Magnesium Anode for superior corrosion resistance.

Variable temperature control & automatic cut-off. Energy saving insulations with density of 35kg/m3

Multiple Safety protections against overheating, over pressure and electric shock.High quality corrosion resistant plastic body and attractive looks.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency certified and meets IS 2082:1993 & IS 302-2-21 standards.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

Power Input

Max Power

Max Pressure


230 Volts

2000 Watts

8 Bars

10 Litres

Weight and dimensions

Weight of product

Dimensions of product

12.27 Kgs

32.4 x 31.5 x 32.4 cm